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Element Ruin Edit

Welcome! Ever thought if all the characters you love were in the same place? Reunited in cool nations/kingdoms that each are related to an element? Powerful beings, and defenseless citizens all united in one place. This is who we are.


Here you might find anything. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Vegetal, Animal, Light, Darkness, Insect, Space, Energy, Magic, Death, Poison, Ice, Desert, Mind, Sword, Mutant and Time.

Character, race, species, object, location. Anything that can be found in stories, books, cartoons, comics, anime, Tv series, movies and even video games.

How does that work? Edit

It's simple. Look at the attributes of the subject. Its skills and its behavior all affect on where he should be and who he might relate to. For example, if your character is a human but has the capacity of breathing underwater, then he is part of the Water Kingdom. if he is a mythical being that has power increased in exposure to light, then he is related to the Light Heart. If your character has multiple powers or has some special skill that is non-elemental, then it is from the Mutant Colossus. If he has no powers at all, it goes to the Sword Nation. It works like that to all Elemental Nations.

Have fun ^-^.

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